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Gonna move this blog.

After many months of trouble-free blogging from my iPhone via the WordPress app, the system seems to have been invaded by gremlins – and crashes constantly.

So, I will attempt to continue over at:


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…because I can.

I have not had regular Internet access at home for ten years. In that time, I’ve been very dependent on WiFi hotspots – and frustrated when I get to a coffee shop to find that all the seats are taken. That was one of my major motivators in getting an iPhone – the idea of Internet access everywhere I go with a device that fits in my pocket. I can now sit anywhere and enjoy the I Internet. When the weather is nice, I like not having to stay in, or close by, the coffee shop – just for the signal. And the screen protector I put on the iPhone has such good glare reduction that I can read the screen even in the brightest sunshine.

I have the WordPress app and just love it! If you wonder why my blog is a bit featureless – to say the very least – it’s because I work entirely within the WordPress app, which only really allows you to write/edit posts and moderate comments – and as I only do this for daily fun, it’s all I really need. The bells and whistles are only available at the WordPress website. I’ve never been a big fan of bells and whistles. When Java showed up in the 90s, websites got animated – and I found it really annoying! I think that’s why I enjoy the Internet experience on the iPhone. iPhone-optimized sites have to consider the constraints of the small screen and a 3G connection. So they are cleaner and less cluttered. I also love the relative lack of ads!

I have a netbook which I have hardly used since getting an iPod Touch back in January. It’s just more than I want to be carrying around. I could never go back to a full-size laptop!

I guess I’m lucky that I can use the small package. Makes life so much nicer:)

The attached picture is hardly great. But I was too lazy to get up from my seat!!!

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