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Holiday indulgences

Last week’s winter weather put me in the mood for holiday treats, so as I had Monday off, I suggested to a friend that we go in search of edible indulgence. We ended up at Top Pot Donuts in downtown Seattle – my first visit.

I’ve had the donuts before. They are the best. I went with the Double Trouble Chocolate. Not necessarily seasonal – but the drink I had was an ideal winter treat – and not one you find anywhere – an Ovaltine latte! It was perfect:)

As for the Chai lattes I make at home, I asked this friend to suggest a liquor I could spike one up with. Dark rum was her immediate response. She knows a lot of things:) I gave it a go – and it was truly wonderful.

I’ve rediscovered Yukon Jack, which really hit the spot those nights after walking home from work in the snow. I’ve also been reminded that you can do yourself an injury with it if you are not mindful of your intake:)

And we have lots of goodies floating around at work. Almost every day we get a package from one of our vendors or distributors – and of course, it’s something to eat:)

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