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Christmas classics

I found some rather enjoyable Christmas stuff to listen to on iTunes, such as a podcast called Christmas Old Time Classics – a collection of radio shows from the 1940s – Abbot and Costello, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, and the like. The humor is very basic – but wonderfully refreshing.

The collection also includes Boris Karloff reading “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” – which I just enjoyed coming home on the bus.

An even bigger surprise was the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”. I guess it’s in the public domain now, because it’s a free download on iTunes. Not sure what the quality will be like – but I decided to give it a go:) I forgot to start the download yesterday while I was at Starbucks, so actually set an alarm on my iPhone to remind me today! It’s a 1.3GB download. I got 400MB downloaded tonight – wow! That would have taken up half the hard drive on the laptop I used to do my dissertation research!! Hopefully, I will have it completely downloaded by Sunday – three more sessions should do it:)

There are still three weeks to go before Christmas, and I’m already burned out from many months of dealing with Christmas merchandise at work – but the old, Christmas classics seem to be an antedote to any Bah Humbug I may have picked up over the course of my day at work.

A bit of Yukon Jack doesn’t hurt either:)

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Tapfish – R.I.P.

My Tapfish are gone! For want of a better thing to do today, I took my netbook, iPod Touch and iPhone to the library to bring my whole gadget family up to date with upgrades.

After installing iTunes 9.2, when I went to sync the iPhone, I forgot that I had updated Tapfish just two days ago, and so didn’t bother transfering outstanding files – just let them be deleted. I then watched in horror as Tapfish was removed from my iPhone!

So long Dale, Al, Percy and Bubbles. (I accidentally sold Earl a few weeks ago.)

Perhaps it’s just as well. I never really entered into the spirit of it. Never pursued the almighty Fish Buck. My tank was never to be the envy of my neighbors, with Stonehenge background and a pod of orcas. Sigh!

It was the first trip out for my netbook in over two months. I have got so comfortable with the iPhone, that I kept wanting to just touch the screen – instead of using the touchpad and keyboard. I’m not going to run out and buy an iPad anytime soon, but I think touchscreens are just much nicer to interact with.

I also just missed my bus! It arrived a few minutes early and there just wasn’t enough time for me to grab my stuff and run out for it. That rarely happens to me!

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I am rather new to the world of podcasts, perhaps because the iPod Touch I bought in January was my first iPod, period. I am not much of a music listener, and as long as an iPod basically just played music, it held little use for me.

I bought the iPod Touch so that I would have a more portable alternative to my netbook for web-browsing on the go. I had to download and install iTunes in order to get it set up, and ended up taking something of a tour. Of course, I had never been into iTunes before and was rather amazed at how much is available there. I bought a Monty Python TV episode, and also an episode of “Fawlty Towers” – just for the idea of it. I also bought the last Doctor Who story featuring David Tennant. That was downloaded over multiple trips to Starbucks. Downloading video over WiFi is a big time investment. About 30 mins of video takes about 60 mins to download!

So, I decided that TV and movies would probably be an impractical proposition considering I do not have a high-speed Internet connection at home. However, my search for Monty Python on iTunes turned up short video podcasts by John Cleese – and this is how I was launched into the world of the podcast!

I now consider myself a podcast junkie. I probably download more each week than I have time to listen to. Many are podcasts of NPR and PRI broadcasts, such as Science Friday, Car Talk, This American Life, PRI Selected Shorts, and Wiretap. I also enjoy comedy and features from BBC Radio 4. And there are audio podcast editions of TV shows – nice, as I don’t have a TV. But I have also enjoyed finding more “random” podcasts, such as Nerdist, Skeptoid, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, and The Moth.

I enjoy listening to long podcasts at home after dinner, with the iPod on the speaker dock. Serializations of books are good company while I am doing household chores. A Tramp Abroad, by Mark Twain, (on LibriVox), was extremely enjoyable. And when I was home sick with the flu recently, I kept up my spirits by hearing an audio version of The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg!

On the bus, however, I prefer short features of less than 20 mins in length – because my bus rides are rarely any longer than that. I am one of those unfortunate people who can not read on the bus without succumbing to motion sickness, so podcasts are a helpful alternative.

The podcast has been a terrific addition to my Urban Bliss toolkit. My iPhone is always loaded with an interesting selection of things to listen to, should I find myself with time to kill away from home. I rarely listen to music on it!

And I have yet to make a phone call:)

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