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Seattle Daleks!!

Was in the International District today – and these two sculptures stopped me dead in my tracks! Happily – they were unarmed:)

Which reminds me…. visiting London at Christmas is not a great idea…. you can usually expect an alien invasion… or the end of time… or something of that ilk!

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Lit2Go from the University of South Florida is a great source of free audiobooks at iTunesU. Each chapter is a separate podcast. I browsed through it a few days ago, and for some reason decided to listen to The War Of The Worlds by H.G.Wells on the way to work over the next week or so.

I have never read the book, nor have I heard a recording of the Orson Wells broadcast – so I have no comparison that might detract from my enjoyment of this version. The story is wonderfully read by someone named Rick Kisner.

The world has come a long way since thus story was written. That’s all I’m gonna say editorially.

But the listening experience is incredible. My morning bus ride is always just an everyday experience – with people going to work, each armed with a newspaper, book, iPod or smartphone – or simply lost in thought. This has been one of those summers of dismal, gray mornings, with the thick clouds eventually burning off by lunchtime. On some mornings, there has been heavy fog, and quite a gloomy countenance in the bus. It has given a timelessness to the experience – as though you cannot be sure what time of year it is, or even what time of day.

As I listened to the opening chapter, in which the people of Earth at the end of the nineteenth century are going about their lives completely unaware that this world is being watched by inhabitants of another, I looked around at the other people in the bus, and found it not hard to imagine a mother ship hovering near Earth, hiding behind an electromagnetic shield, watching us all as an extraterrestrial force plans an invasion!

I have watched a lot of Doctor Who. The Daleks always roll into town on an otherwise ordinary day. And over the last few years, aliens have found Christmas to be the perfect time to invade London – when the population is preoccupied with Christmas shopping.

As the Doctor said to Rose in one of their early conversations: “You lot! All you do is get up, go to work, come home, eat chips, watch telly and go to bed! While all the time there is a war beneath your feet!” In a later story, the Daleks manage to keep the Human Race distracted with an endless diet of reality TV shows while they mount an invasion.

I work in retail – and in an area of retail that perhaps should not exist in this lousy economy (though I’m glad it does else I’d be out of a job.) My boss is ordering merchandise like mad, even though our warehouse is already crammed to the rafters. NPR is usually playing in the warehouse, and we hear a lot of hard economic news as we contend with huge deliveries of Christmas ornaments that we wonder if anyone will buy.

It’s almost surreal. And strangely, War Of The Worlds seems a most appropriate way to gear myself up for work right now.

Can you hear the drums?

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“I have been on a strange and unusual trip and there are many ways in which I could talk about it.”

The above words are inscribed in risers of the steps up to street level from the University Street Transit Tunnel station – the stairwell that brings you out at Third and Seneca. I have read them so many times. Tonight I took the time to write them down – well, tap them into my iPhone:)

I’ve had a bit of a week, with a lot going around my mind – and a lot going on where I work. There’s been a lot in the news also – but I won’t comment, because I try to keep this blog positive
– well, as much as possible.

I’ve been enjoying an audio version of Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn of late. It has been the perfect antedote to gloomy news and many M*A*S*H moments at work. Yesterday morning, the chapter was a little short, and the chapter to follow was too long – so I wanted another diversion – something to restore faith in the universe before heading into work. For some reason, Google Earth wouldn’t start. So I went to YouTube.

I couldn’t think of anything to watch. I ended up doing a search on Mark Twain – and found several performances by Hal Holbrook. I have never seen Holbrook do Mark Twain, but have heard about it. Amazing! And there are quite a few on YouTube. Later in the day, I browsed around them a little more and read some of the comments. YouTube threads have a way of going off topic and becoming ridiculous. But in this case, a quote in an off-topic comment caught my eye.

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”

I have heard of Tesla – but never of this quote. It really excited me. I have had an ongoing relationship with the numbers 3, 6, 9, and 0 for much of my life. These numbers keep showing up in street addresses at which I Iive or work, and in telephone area codes. The trail starts in London in 1982 and brings me to Seattle via Cambridge (UK), Colorado (twice), New Hampshire (twice), and Kentucky – which is where I began to wonder…

I moved to Seattle, to area code 206 and a street address of 24 – and so thought no more about it. But a couple of years later, I was working in a retail store that is very well known by name, rather than address – so I didn’t think much about the address until during a quiet moment when I found myself looking at the front door, trying to make a customer appear!! My attention was drawn to the large glass window above the door – and the street adress up there in huge numbers. 603!! I had to laugh – and wonder.

A little later on, I was getting into the reinvented Doctor Who, in which the Doctor and Rose kept encountering the words Bad Wolf everywhere they went. At first the Doctor took it as a sinister warning. But later we learn that the Tardis scattered those words throughout time and space as a map, to make sure that the Doctor was always in the right place at the right time.

I have since wondered if those numbers are my version of Bad Wolf. I allow myself to enjoy this because Bad Wolf numbers, as I call them, are very pleasing to the eye. And if the 0 is taken to represent 12, they can be easily displayed on a clockface. For example, 3690 makes an upright cross.
I suspect that this orthogonality is something that could make these numbers powerful.

In late 2003, King County Metro took delivery of 100 40-foot low-floor air-conditioned buses. They were assigned coach numbers 3600 through 3699. So there are quite a few Bad Wolf buses there:) And I am always happy to be on one.

I enjoyed Bad Wolf dates too. June 3 of last year (6/3/09) was rather special and I experienced a most amazing coincidence on 6/30/09! September 30 was rather sad when I realized that 9/30/09 would be the last Bad Wolf date until the year 2030. I watched my bedroom clock tick over to 9:39, and bade it farewell. I worried that I might be at the end of my happy trail. But then someone told me that it might mean that I’m definitely going to live to see the day 3/03/30:)

I currently live at street address 4102 and work at 3307 (ow – just 1 digit off!), so no cause for excitement. But I never know where or when Bad Wolf will show up again. I’m pretty sure it will:)

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