Christmas classics

I found some rather enjoyable Christmas stuff to listen to on iTunes, such as a podcast called Christmas Old Time Classics – a collection of radio shows from the 1940s – Abbot and Costello, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, and the like. The humor is very basic – but wonderfully refreshing.

The collection also includes Boris Karloff reading “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” – which I just enjoyed coming home on the bus.

An even bigger surprise was the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”. I guess it’s in the public domain now, because it’s a free download on iTunes. Not sure what the quality will be like – but I decided to give it a go:) I forgot to start the download yesterday while I was at Starbucks, so actually set an alarm on my iPhone to remind me today! It’s a 1.3GB download. I got 400MB downloaded tonight – wow! That would have taken up half the hard drive on the laptop I used to do my dissertation research!! Hopefully, I will have it completely downloaded by Sunday – three more sessions should do it:)

There are still three weeks to go before Christmas, and I’m already burned out from many months of dealing with Christmas merchandise at work – but the old, Christmas classics seem to be an antedote to any Bah Humbug I may have picked up over the course of my day at work.

A bit of Yukon Jack doesn’t hurt either:)


Holiday indulgences

Last week’s winter weather put me in the mood for holiday treats, so as I had Monday off, I suggested to a friend that we go in search of edible indulgence. We ended up at Top Pot Donuts in downtown Seattle – my first visit.

I’ve had the donuts before. They are the best. I went with the Double Trouble Chocolate. Not necessarily seasonal – but the drink I had was an ideal winter treat – and not one you find anywhere – an Ovaltine latte! It was perfect:)

As for the Chai lattes I make at home, I asked this friend to suggest a liquor I could spike one up with. Dark rum was her immediate response. She knows a lot of things:) I gave it a go – and it was truly wonderful.

I’ve rediscovered Yukon Jack, which really hit the spot those nights after walking home from work in the snow. I’ve also been reminded that you can do yourself an injury with it if you are not mindful of your intake:)

And we have lots of goodies floating around at work. Almost every day we get a package from one of our vendors or distributors – and of course, it’s something to eat:)

Seattle Daleks!!

Was in the International District today – and these two sculptures stopped me dead in my tracks! Happily – they were unarmed:)

Which reminds me…. visiting London at Christmas is not a great idea…. you can usually expect an alien invasion… or the end of time… or something of that ilk!

A video gem on iTunes

Nathan Brassington – Old Movies Weekly – a video podcast.

The Laurel and Hardy picture from 1919 is amazing – featuring a very young Stan Laurel with Oliver Hardy showing up later. Picture quality is incredible – as is the musical accompaniment for most of it.

What on odd thing to be enjoying on a iPhone:)

Thanksgiving aftermath

Was just at the grocery store. Wow! The wine and milk shelves were rather gutted. Guess what Seattleites stock up with in bad weather in advance of a big holiday weekend:)

Saw the first Christmas trees going home on top of cars.

It is upon us…..

Saturday workday

Today was my first of four Saturdays I work in the run-up to Christmas. Weekend work is nothing new to me – except that the weekend work I did for several years was in busy stores in vibrant shopping districts – not in a warehouse in a weekend ghost town of an industrial district. None of our neighbors operates on a weekend. It’s just us. And it’s spooky, especially if the weather is bad. It feels almost apocalyptic – as though we are going about our business of packing up Christmas novelties to send out to our stores in full anticipation of a normal Christmas – completely unaware that the world has actually just ended and that we are the only humans left on this planet!

This morning when I got off the bus, I was able to walk right across First Avenue South without waiting for the light to change – there was so little traffic.

I has plenty of work to distract me, but I was relieved to get out of there. I rode back to West Seattle on an almost empty 22 along empty roads. I had to get a latte at the grocery store and sit there a while before walking home – just to reassure myself that everything was normal.

Believe it or not – it gets creepier each weekend. The last weekend before Christmas is downright disturbing!

Back to normal

Temperatures in the 40s. Snow and ice all melted. Rain showers – and a rainbow over Elliot Bay. Buses back on regular routes. And annoying day-after-Thanksgiving crowds in Starbucks!

My own routine is about to get disturbed though. For the next four weekends I will be working Saturday, with Monday off instead. Not a huge deal. But I am a creature of habit.

Last week, the weather required me to abandon my usual afterwork ritual of going downtown for a latte before getting a bus home. I really missed it and can’t wait to get back to it on Tuesday.

But I’m not sure what I’ll do after work on a Saturday. It just won’t be the same.