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Seattle Daleks!!

Was in the International District today – and these two sculptures stopped me dead in my tracks! Happily – they were unarmed:)

Which reminds me…. visiting London at Christmas is not a great idea…. you can usually expect an alien invasion… or the end of time… or something of that ilk!


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Nathan Brassington – Old Movies Weekly – a video podcast.

The Laurel and Hardy picture from 1919 is amazing – featuring a very young Stan Laurel with Oliver Hardy showing up later. Picture quality is incredible – as is the musical accompaniment for most of it.

What on odd thing to be enjoying on a iPhone:)

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Thanksgiving aftermath

Was just at the grocery store. Wow! The wine and milk shelves were rather gutted. Guess what Seattleites stock up with in bad weather in advance of a big holiday weekend:)

Saw the first Christmas trees going home on top of cars.

It is upon us…..

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Saturday workday

Today was my first of four Saturdays I work in the run-up to Christmas. Weekend work is nothing new to me – except that the weekend work I did for several years was in busy stores in vibrant shopping districts – not in a warehouse in a weekend ghost town of an industrial district. None of our neighbors operates on a weekend. It’s just us. And it’s spooky, especially if the weather is bad. It feels almost apocalyptic – as though we are going about our business of packing up Christmas novelties to send out to our stores in full anticipation of a normal Christmas – completely unaware that the world has actually just ended and that we are the only humans left on this planet!

This morning when I got off the bus, I was able to walk right across First Avenue South without waiting for the light to change – there was so little traffic.

I has plenty of work to distract me, but I was relieved to get out of there. I rode back to West Seattle on an almost empty 22 along empty roads. I had to get a latte at the grocery store and sit there a while before walking home – just to reassure myself that everything was normal.

Believe it or not – it gets creepier each weekend. The last weekend before Christmas is downright disturbing!

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Back to normal

Temperatures in the 40s. Snow and ice all melted. Rain showers – and a rainbow over Elliot Bay. Buses back on regular routes. And annoying day-after-Thanksgiving crowds in Starbucks!

My own routine is about to get disturbed though. For the next four weekends I will be working Saturday, with Monday off instead. Not a huge deal. But I am a creature of habit.

Last week, the weather required me to abandon my usual afterwork ritual of going downtown for a latte before getting a bus home. I really missed it and can’t wait to get back to it on Tuesday.

But I’m not sure what I’ll do after work on a Saturday. It just won’t be the same.

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Winter walking – Day 3

Buses still on snow routes – but running. I still planned to walk and gave myself time. But I ended up getting a bus – one that normally would not go near where I work – but does on snow route – though it’s not supposed to stop. But I asked the driver for a courtesy stop at Starbucks, and she obliged:)

So now I have an hour to kill before work. But I’m in Starbucks with a view out onto First Avenue – and the barista who made my tall latte was on a roll pulling double shots – so I got an extra shot to get me started.

The sun isn’t up yet – but I think we’re in for a beautiful day as things get back to normal.

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Winter walking – Day 2

Walked to work this morning. Snow over. But wind almost unbearable. Saw a few buses running once I got closer to the West Seattle Bridge. But, once warmed up, you might as well keep walking.

Afternoon bus service looked to be improving – but I elected to walk. Good judgement call. Buses WERE running – but you might be waiting for quite a while, just getting cold when you could stay warm and make progress.

I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a couple of bottles of wine. I’m all set for Thanksgiving.

Bus outlook for tomorrow still pessimistic:( But if I’m walking it will be in sunshine:)

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